Baneh City

Baneh in Kurdestan
The township of Baneh is in the extreme western part of Kurdestan (Kurdistan) province in IRAN and is the neighborhood of Iraq. This township is bounded on north and west by west Azarbayjan in the east by Saqez and in the south by Iraq. Its center being the city of Baneh located 728 km. from Tehran. Baneh is covered with forests and is full of various trees. In the pre-Islamic period, a Zoroastrian tribe named "Qeh Qoo" governed this area, but after the Arab invasion, 'Ekhtiar Diniha' took over the rule.

Till the mid 13th century the actual name of the city of Baneh was Behrojeh. But now the cemetery in the north east of the city is called "Kohneh Baneh" A change in the city's location is due to a massacre resulting from cholera, plaque, fire and tribal combats. The city of Baneh is located in the altitudes and its route is on a gradient.
Baneh in Kurdestan
Arbaba Mountain - Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Baneh in Kurdestan
Category: Plains
Within the limits of the township of Baneh, there are two plains, Tal and Shoey. The Tal Plain is 1,800 hectares and the area of the Shoey Plain is about 2,000 ...
Category: Dam
In latest surveys, a rampart of a dyke related to the Parthian and Sassanide eras was discovered in the village of Show. The same was constructed of slabs of stone ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This is the tomb of the offspring of Mirza Beik, the governor of Shah Tahmasb Safavid era. According to the religious beliefs he got his nephew to marry his daughter ...
Category: Forests
The area of the forests of Baneh is about 50,000 hectares. The western skirts of the Gardaneh Khan Mountains are the eastern boundary of the forests of Baneh township. ...
Category: Caves
The same is at a distance of 12 km. north of Baneh Township. It's length is 267 m. and internally it is alluvium. There is a small lake at the end of the cave.
Category: Rivers
The same flows from the north to south direction, running from Kurdestan toward Lake Orumieh. It's main branch "Cham Saqez" (Chomeh) takes its source from the Gardaneh ...
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