Ardekan (Sepidan) City

Sepidan - Fars Province
Sepeedan or Ardakan, is located to the north of the Fars province, in a mountainous and forested region mostly covered with oak trees. The city of Ardakan is about eight centuries old. Though Sepidan is visited mostly for its nature and landscapes, it can be a destination for historical and archeological tourists. Anshan, which is considered as the Cradle of Achaemenid Emire is in Beyza district of this county. Golbahar Tower is another monument of the county which has been built in Safavids.

Sepidan is a good place for nature lovers. Roanj and Barmefirooz are the highest peaks of the county, 3,720 and 3,706 meters above sea level. This peaks are covered with snow year round and are one of the most important sources of fresh water in Fars province. Landscapes like Abshare Margoon(Margoon Waterfall), Beheshte Gomshodeh(Lost Paradise) and Pooladkaf ski resort are at the foothills of these peaks, and Chellegah is also very beautiful.

Mountain Climbing:
Sepidan peaks are the most technical ones to climb in Fars province. All of the Shiraz mountain clubs have winter and summer climbs in their plans. Some of the walls of the mountains are also use for technical rock climbing and training.

Alpine Skiing:
Sepidan has the only county in Fars provine witch have ski resorts.
Sepidan - Fars Province
Pould-Kaf Ski resort - Ardekan (Sepidan) - Fars Province
Tang-e Gambil - Sepidan
Sepidan - Fars Province
Sepidan - Fars Province
Sepidan - Fars Province
Sepidan - Fars Province
Sepidan - Fars Province
Pould-Kaf Ski resort - Sepidan
Pould-Kaf Ski resort - Sepidan
Pould-Kaf Ski resort - Sepidan
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Category: Waterfalls
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Located 10 kilometers from Sepeedan in the Chelehgah Village, this recreational area annually attracts many people for winter sports and mountaineering.
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