Amol City

The township of Amol is located to the west of MAZANDARAN province. To the north and south of which are the alluvial plains, with a considerably warm and humid climate, and the Alborz mountains respectively. Some historians in the past have associated this ancient city with the periods of the Pishdadians and the 'Kianians'. In respect to the relics and coins found in this region, this city can be said to be the capital of this territory during the Sassanide era.

The inhabitants of Amol city, embraced Islam during the reign of Mahdi, the Abbasi Caliph, after which Islamic structures came into focus here. But after the Mongol invasion, the region was subject to devastation and it was during this time that Sary was declared as capital. In the beginning of the 7th century AH., Hessam-edin Ardeshir, shifted the capital from Sary to Amol, and constructed his palace there. But in the year 795 AH., the cities of Amol and Sary were plundered by Amir Teimoor Gurkani and there after Amol suffered a set-back.

The great scholar and religious personality (translator of The Holy Qoran), Mohammad Ebne Jarir Tabari is from Amol city. Today, the new city of Amol stands to the north of the ancient city, and is a thriving vicinity. Amol is situated at a distance of 240 km. from Tehran.
Baliran Jungle near Amol
Amol Bazaar (Charsoogh)
Emamzadeh Ghasem - Amol
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