Zabol City

Zabol City
The township of Zabol is situated to the north of the province and from the north and east is neighboring Afghanistan. The border of Doost Mohammad Khan is the point of transit of passengers and cargo between Iran and Afghanistan. This township is in the west of Khorassan province, and the city of Zabol is located 1,828 km. far from Tehran. This township has a warm climate, and was formerly called Sistan (Sagestan) and Neemrooz. But in the year 1935 it was renamed Zabol on cabinet approval and a year later became the center of Sistan. On its southern slopes are the ruins of some monuments of the Parthian era, which in its own time spelt glory. Zabol today is comparatively developed and offers required services to the inhabitants.
Zabol City
Zabol City
Category: Ancient Cities
An archaeological site of a sizable Bronze Age urban settlement, associated with the Jiroft culture. It is located in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, the southeastern part ... MORE
Saam castle near Zabol is located within a distance of 28 km. in Zahedan - Zabol Road, and its structure is in a form of an irregular trapezium. This castle has two entrances, ... MORE
Category: Plains
The Sistan plain is one of the plains of Iran which is placed on an average of 475-500 m. above sea level. This is an alluvial plain enriched by the Hirmand River and its ... MORE
Category: Rivers
This river accounts as the only vital water way in Sistan, and takes its source in the Baba Mountains of Afghanistan. After following a long course enters the Hamoon Lake, ... MORE
Category: Lakes
This lake is valued for its natural phenomena both from the national and international point of view. This region holds its own in respect to being a habitat for rare animal ... MORE
Category: Fire Temples
This fire-temple is located in Karkooy in Sistan. Its special features and architectural design reveal the fact that the same is related to the Sassanide era. MORE
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