Tarom City

Tarom - Zanjan
This township (Tarom) is situated in the north east of the province and is the neighborhood of Gilan province. Tarom is a vast, level and somewhat deep valley, situated in the lower basin of the Qezel Ozan River, ending in Manjeel basin of 'Sefid Rood' Lake Dam. This valley is situated between the two mountain ranges of Tarom in northern Zanjan and the slopes of the south eastern mountain ranges of Talesh. In spite of its natural beauty, Tarom is unfortunately an earthquake prone area, and the earthquake in the month of Khordad 1990. proved devastating. Due to the environment, that is mountain ranges and high summits this region is devoid of rain bearing winds, in the lower regions and along the banks of the Qezel Ozan River, dry and semi-arid conditions prevail, but in the higher regions a moderate and mountainous type of climate exists.
Tarom - Zanjan
Torbat-e Heydarieh - Ethonological Musuem
Tarom - Hashtarkhan Waterfall
Zanjan (Tarom)
Tarom - Zanjan
Tarom Road (to Zanjan)
Tarom - Zanjan
Tarom - Zanjan
Category: Villages
This village is a section of the Tarom-e-Oliya, and the 'Qezel' and 'Shah Neshin' Rivers flow south and west of it respectively. The 'Kharman Qaleh Sar' Mountains ...
Category: Villages
This village is in the vicinity of Tarom-e-Oliya and is 48 km. south west of Roodbar. The Qezel Ozan River runs through the north east of which. The mountains of ...
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