Shoosh (Susa) City

Susa was among the greatest cities of ancient Persia. Built on its embers, modern-day Shush is modestly small and relaxed, home to a vast Unesco-listed archaeological site, a compact museum, a crowning castle and the enigmatic Tomb of Daniel.
Ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil - Shush - Khuzestan
The township of Shoosh is located to the northwest of the province, and has common borders with the Ilam province. Its center is the city of Shoosh which is at a distance of 1,010 km. from Tehran. It experiences a hot climate. Susa is considered to be one of the oldest centers of civilization throughout the globe. In archeological excavations, relics related to the pre-historic era have been discovered here.

The Elamites were the first clans who were responsible for its flourishment. During this reign Susa was proclaimed as a capital. Even after the Achaemenians gained control over Susa, the latter sustained its splendor and was selected as the winter capital by Dariush the Achaemenide. Till the beginning of the control by the moslems, Shoosh continued to thrive. In the year 1898 AD, the famous castle of Shoosh was constructed by "Morgan" on the northern part of the Acropol hill. The ancient name of Shoosh was 'Soos' or 'Dasht-e-Soosiana', and later on was changed to Shoosh.
Ziggurat at Chogha Zanbil - Shush - Khuzestan
Danial-e Nabi - Shush - Khuzestan
Shush - Khuzestan
Shush Museum - Khuzestan
Shush - Khuzestan
Danial-e Nabi - Shush - Khuzestan
Danial-e Nabi - Shush - Khuzestan
Apadana Palace in Shush
Apadana Palace in Shush
Apadana Palace in Shush
Apadana Palace in Shush
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Category: Temples
Choqazanbil Temple (Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat) is situated at a distance of 30 km south east of Shoosh (Susa) and 80 km north of Ahvaz in Khuzestan province (Southwest ...
The ancient city of Susa (Shoosh or Shush) has been one of the oldest civilization centers and one of the most famous cities in the world. It was the capital of ...
Category: Mausoleums
The same is located on the eastern banks of the Shaoor River. This mausoleum is the resting abode of one of the prophets of the Israelites. The premises has two ...
The Acropol or Shoosh castle was constructed by a group of French archeologists in the year 1897 AD in the highest region of the city. The same is very similar ...
Category: Museums
The Shoosh Museum is situated amidst a garden near the ancient Shoosh Castle, and opposite the Danial-e-Nabi Mausoleum. The construction of this museum coincided ...
This palace was constructed by the order of Darius (Dariush) the Achaemenian on the top of Elamite hillocks and is knwon as Dariush (Apadana) palace. The walls ...
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