Shahrood City

Shahrud - Semnan Province
Shahrud (or Shahrood) is situated in the mid-eastern portion of Semnan province. To the south it is in the neighborhood of Khorassan province and Esfahan province and to the north lies Golestan province. In its northern section are the Alborz Mountain Ranges, and to the south is the Salt Desert. Its center is the city of Shahrood which is 400 km. from Tehran. The Taash river flows through this city, ending at the desert region. In the mountainous region it experiences cold weather, but in other areas it is relatively moderate. The city of Shahrood does not have an ancient background.

In the times of Fathali Shah Qajar it comprised of two ancient castles and a small meadow by the name of 'Shabdari'. But the surrounding areas named as, Biarjand, Miami and Bastam have an older history. Bastam is located 6 km. north of Shahrood, and according to narratives has been constructed during the reign of 'Khosrow Parviz' and yet another theory states it to be from the times of Shahpour Sassanide II (310 - 379 AD.). Naser Khosrow Qobadiani has mentioned Bastam as the center of the Gomess territory in the year 438 AH. After the Mongol invasion, Bastam was demolished and the current city of Shahrood which is located on the main road and railway net work of Tehran - Mashad gradually gained importance and took the place of the former city of Bastam.
Shahrud - Semnan Province
Shahrud - Semnan Province
Shahrud - Semnan Province
Abr Forest - Shahrud
Azad University - Shahrud - Semnan Province
Abshar Park - Shahrud - Semnan Province
Shahrud - Semnan Province
Abr Forest - Shahrud - Semnan Province
Abr Forest - Shahrud - Semnan Province
Shahrud Blvd. Park
Abr Forest - Shahrud - Semnan Province
Moharram in Shahrud - Semnan Province
Category: Mausoleums
Tomb of Bayazid Bastami is located north of the mausoleum of Imamzadeh Mohammad in Bastam. The tomb of this great Gnostic is extremely simple in architecture. On ...
Category: Mausoleums
The said tomb is situated at a distance of 24 km. from Shahrood, in the village of Kherqani. On the tomb, is a slab of marble with a poetical verse engraved on ...
Located to the south east of the Jame' Mosque of Bastam in the district of Shahrood, the height of this tower internally is 24 m. and externally rises to an elevation ...
Category: Mausoleums
The tomb of this great poet lies in the village of Farumad, Shahrood. The structure and tomb are hexagonal, the latter has an engraving on it. The date of birth ...
These are named as, Shahrokhiyeh Bastam School in Shahrood, Sadeq Khan School in Semnan, Motalib Khan School and Moosavieh School in the city of Damqan.
Semnan province has such areas, like that of the Khosh Yelaq in the northeast of Shahrood, Parvar to the north of the township of Semnan, and Khar Tooran in the ...
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