Shabestar City

The township of Shabestar is northwest of Tabriz and its capital city Shabestar is 60 km. northwest of Tabriz. It is en route on the railway line running between the city of Tabriz and Turkey, and is a part of the hilly region of Mishoo and northwest of the Lake Orumieh. It experiences hot temperate summers and cold, moderate winters. During the Safavid era the famous passage of Tabriz - Tarabuzan passed through this city. Shabestar is noted to be one of the oldest cities of the province of East Azarbayjan.

Reputed personalities such as Sheikh Mahmood Shabestari (creator of the sublime mystic poem Golshane Raz (The Garden of Secrets) This poem is counted as one of the loftiest works of 'irfan, and has immortalized the name of its author. Many commentaries have been written upon it, perhaps the best of which is that written by Hazin Lahiji, which has been published and is available. Shabestari died about the year 1320), Sheikh Mohammad Khiyabani and Mirza Ali Akbar Mo'jez Shabestari are from this area. Shabestar's economy and development has received a major boost due to the 'Azad' university built there.

Due to proximity to lake Urmia, the city experiences mild weather with wet winters and summers are somewhat hot and dry during day time and cooler at night.
St.Herepsime Church - Shabestar
Eskele Tall - Shabestar
Sohrol Church - Shabestar
Sohrol Church - Shabestar
Sohrol Church - Shabestar
Sohrol Church - Shabestar
Sohrol Church - Shabestar
Eskele Tall - Shabestar
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