Sari City

The provincial capital of Mazandaran and former capital of Iran (for a short period), located in the north of Iran, between the northern slopes of the Alborz Mountains and southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Sari is the largest and most populous city of Mazandaran.
Saari - Mazandaran
Sari (or Sary) is the largest township of the province and is located in the center of the province and has a moderate and humid climate. The city of Sary is the capital city of Mazandaran province, and is located 277 km. from Tehran. The city was primarily constructed in the pre-Islamic period and is related to Toos-Ebne-Nowdar. The large mosque of Sary was the first structure to be erected in the year 140 AH. by the Moslems. In the year 298 AH. the city was set to flames by tribes that thronged to it from the vicinity of the Caspian. In the beginning of the 4th century AH., floods caused severe damage to this area.

During the reign of Kharazmshah and the Mongol invasion, Sary was witness to further destruction. In the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, important edifices were built in Sary. During the Zandiyeh conquests in Tabarestan, the capital was shifted to Barforoosh (Babol). In the years 1200-1211 AH. that is during the rule of Aqa Mohammad Khan Qajar, the capital city was once more transferred from Barforoosh to Sary, and once again promoted its importance. Today this beautiful city with the construction of private and government buildings, along with a railway line passing alongside the city, together with a good network of roads is a prospering vicinity.

The Clock Tower, in the Clock Square (Meydan-e-Sa'at) located in downtown Sari, attracts visitors and has become a famous landmark. Sari also contains the tombs of the Muslim cleric leaders Yahya and Zayn Al-Abedin, Emamzade-ye Abbas, and Shazdeh Hussein the architecture of which are from the 15th century.
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Velayat Park
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Mazandaran
Saari - Boostan-e Velayat
House of Manouchehr Khan Kolbadi is related to the late Qajar era and is located in Sari, the capital of Iran’s northern province of Mazandaran.
This aggregate is at a distance of 28 km. north of Sary, in the village of Farah Abad. During the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, the same was considered as one of ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The brick tower of Imamzadeh Yahya is located in Sary, and has an ancient wooden chest and door. The inscription reveals the date of construction of the chest, ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The said structure with a pyramid shaped dome, and in regards to other architectural finishes has both artistic and historical value. There is a beautiful and ancient ...
Category: Mosques
This structure is located in the Chenarbon Mahaleh of Sary, and its primary structure was constructed under the orders of Abol Qaseib, the Arab ruler of Tabarestan ...
The said is located in the No Mahaleh of Sary and was constructed by Khorshid Khanum . The same comprises of an entrance, foot wash and stairway, and a portion ...
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