Sarakhs City

Sarakhs - Khorasan Razavi
Sarakhs is situated in the far northeastern part of Khorassan province. Being under the influence of the Qaraqom Sandy region it experiences cold winters and dry-warm summers. Its ancient history dates back to the Sassanian period. During the Mongol attack in the year 617 AH, Sarakhs was plundered and destroyed. Nearing the end of the Qajar period, Sarakhs was governed by a feudal system.

It was also attacked by the Turkemens. This city in the past housed many libraries and was on the path of the Silk Road.
Sarakhs - Khorasan Razavi
Robat Sarakhs Caravanserai
Muharram in Sarakhs
Tomb of Baba Loghman - Sarakhs
Bazangan Village - Sarakhs
Bazangan Village - Sarakhs
Doosti Dam - Sarakhs
Tomb of Baba Loghman - Sarakhs
Robat Sharaf Caravanserai or Castle is located between Mashad and Sarakhs and is 6 km. south of "Shorlaqaa". This piece of architecture stands from the time of ...
Category: Mausoleums
Baba Loghman Tomb (Loqman Sorakhi) is the resting place of the great Gnostic of the 4 century AH, located 3km. from Sarakhs. This structure contains a portico decorated ...
Category: Villages
Bazangan village is situated in a plain area in the Sarakhs township and located 128 km. east of Mashad. The Bazangan Mountain is located 6 km. to the west and ...
Category: Caves
The antiquity of this cave (Bazangan Cave) which is located southwest of the Bazangan Village (Sarakhs), dates back to the period before the birth of Christ. Due ...
Category: Lakes
Bazangan Lake (Also known as Gol Bibi Lake) Covering an area of about 80 hectares, this lake is 12 m. deep and lies south of the mountain range of Hezar Masjed ...
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