Sarab City

Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Sarab is located east of the province of East Azarbayjan (Azarbaijan-e Sharghi) and towards the province of Ardabil. Its capital, Sarab city is 636 km. from Tehran, 130 km. from Tabriz to the east of Bostan Abad. This township resting amongst the high mountains of Bozqoosh and Sahand.
It has a mountainous and moderate climate, with extremely cold winters and pleasant summers. Sarab being one of the oldest towns of this province bears ancient monuments. Due to the surrounding volcanoes, mineral water is in abundance.

The volcanic mountains situated around the city contain a large number of spa waters, and streams. Some of the interesting places in Sarab are the stony Epigraph Orratoey Qirax Qizlar, the stony Epigraph of Razliq which is located 12 km north to the town of Sarab, fireplace (Chahar Taqi) Agmiyan which is located north-east to the city of Sarab and belongs to the Sassanid period, the stony caravan Sara Saein which belongs to the Safavid period, the old and stony mosque Jamalabad and Asneq which are located in Alan Baraghoush, and belongs to the early Islamic period, the Jami mosque of Sarab which belongs to the 9th century AH and the spa waters such as Allah Hag, Abres and Sarab.

Sarab is famous for its rugs. The rugs of Sarab, which are also classified among those known as Heriz, have light, rather bright colour schemes. The usual adjective for "of Sarab" would be "Sarab-i", this changed to "Serapi". In 1876, about the time that Sarabi rugs were coming on the market in England, the Prince of Wales made a trip to India on H.M.S. Serapis. The similarity of the names led to the form "Serapi" for the rugs.
Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Sarab Jame Mosque - East Azerbaijan
Razliq Inscription - Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Sarab Jame Mosque - East Azerbaijan
Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Esnagh Mosque - Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Esnagh Mosque - Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Esnagh Mosque - Sarab - East Azerbaijan
Category: Mosques
Asnagh Stone Mosque (Asnaq Sangi Mosque) is located in the village of Asnaq in Sarab County with a very ancient history. Among it monuments, we can refer to historic ...
This inscription is on a rock in the Zaqan mountains 12 km. north of Sarab (Razliq). It consists of 16 lines. The same dates to the time of Argishti II (685-730 ...
Category: Fire Temples
This structure is in the village of Aqmiyoon 8 km. north of Sarab. At present only the stone foundation of which have been remained. Originally, the structure was ...
This inscription is in the Cuneiform script and in the Otartooie language and has got 13 lines engraved on rock. There are some stones nearby, the height of which ...
This inn is located 35 km. from Sarab in the 'Saain Pass', constructed of stone, related to the Safavid period.
Category: Mosques
The mosque of Jamal Abad village has fine, majestic pillars reaching to a height of 536 cm. adorned with decorative designs. The ceiling of this mosque is made ...
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