Sanandaj City

Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj (Sanandij) is located in the center of the Kurdestan province. It is limited to Divandareh from the north and to Kamyaran from the south, to the east are Bijar and Qorveh, to the west are the townships of Marivan and Saqez. Sanandaj is the provincial capital of Kurdestan and lies at a distance of 500 km. from Tehran. This city has a beautiful natural environment and pleasant climate specially in autumn and spring. Soleiman Khan Ardalan the governor of Kurdestan constructed the Sahneh Dej (castle) during the Shah Safi period (1038-1052 AH.).

In the past, there was the Seer city instead of present Sanandaj. Sanandaj was under the control of the Ardalan household for duration of four centuries. The said are descendant of the Sassanids. In the war between Iran and Ottomans in Safavid period, this family sometimes sided Iran and sometimes the Ottomans. In 1146 AH., Karim Khan Zand destroyed Sanandaj. After a period of chaos, Khosrow Khan Ardalan took over the power. From 1214 to 1240 AH. Emam Allah Khan, son of Khosrow Khan governed in Sanandaj and to some extent he worked for the sake of improvement of Sanandaj. In 1284 AH. due to the dissatisfaction of the inhabitants, Haj Mirza Mo'tamed-o-Doleh the uncle of Naseredin Shah governed in Kurdestan till the year 1291 AH. Now a days Sanandaj is one of the beautiful townships of Iran and Kurdestan province
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Sanandaj - Kurdestan
Category: Museums
The province of Kurdestan has only one archaeological and anthropological musem. The said is in Salar Seyed Edifice in the city of Sanandaj. Various relics from the region ... MORE
Category: Villages
The village of Salavat Abad or Naman is located 15 km. east of Sanandaj and the Salavat Abad River flows from the south. Altitudes such as Mount Kacheh Resh in the north ... MORE
Category: Lakes
The same is located 10 km. to the north of Sanandaj in mountain valleys of the "Sateleh and Tirgara" region. The length of the dam lake is 11 km. and it extends for about ... MORE
Category: Mountains
This mountain with a height of 2,946 m. is located 30 km. south west of Sanandaj. The beautiful village of Shian with its wonderful landscape, specially in summer and spring ... MORE
Category: Plains
The area of this plain is 62,700 hectares and its height from sea level is 1,800 meters. This plain has a rich soil and noticeable verdant vegetation covering. Its landscape ... MORE
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The said tomb is located in Imam Khomeini Avenue (Sanandaj) and is reputedly known by the above-mentioned name. Close to this was a small school, the premises of which were ... MORE
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