Saqez City

The township of Saqez (Saghez) is located in the north west of Kurdestan Province. To the north is the province of west Azarbayjan (Mahabad and Bukan). This township is limited from west to the township of Baneh, from the south to Iraq and Marivan and from the east to Sanandaj. The capital of this township is Saqez city and lies at a distance of 706 km. from Tehran and 181 km. from Sanandaj.

This township in spring and summer has a cool and moderate climate. This city during the primary union of the Medes was their capital and was named "Izirta". On the attack of Sargan II, the ruler of the Assyrian, the Medes were defended and their fortifications destroyed. Thereafter, the Sekaha tried to rebuild this city and they chose Saqez, then named "Eskit" as their capital. The present name of Saqez is derived from the Sekeh (Seka-Eskit-Sakez) tribe. The city of Saqez was formerly in the southwestern plain of the present city and today it is reputedly known as old Saqez.

Saqez city is located in the skirts of the attitudes and a river runs through it. It is one of the most beautiful areas in Kurdestan province.
Karaftu caves - Saghez
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Category: Plains
In the limits of the township of Saqez, there are several plains, of which the most important are the Saheb, Qeh la Koon, Leh Garmee and Kool Tappeh. The same covers about ... MORE
This castle is located 42 km. north east of Saqez, and to the west of the Karaftoo Village and in an ancient region. It was just by chance discovered in 1947. Articles found ... MORE
The said hill was originally a castle, located 42 km. northeast of Saqez. In 1946 Ayub Ranbu obtained legal permission for archaeological activities in the vicinity of Zivieh. ... MORE
Category: Mountains
This mountain is the highest in the north of the Zagross Mountain Ranges. Being 3,173 m. in height and located 53 km. southeast of Saqez. The Shoorqi, Chehel Cheshmeh, Kalleh ... MORE
Category: Forests
The area of the forests of Saqez is about 7,000 hectares. The same is located between Bukan and Saqez, on the skirts of the steep slopes, along the north-south route. This ... MORE
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