Ramsar City

Possibly the most scenic spot on the Caspian coast, Ramsar is where the jungle-clad lower ridges of the snow-topped Alborz tumble into the sea. It's a verdant, photogenic area, lush with orange groves, and there are walking trails into the nearby hills.
Ramsar - Mazandaran Province
Ramsar is located to the extreme west of Mazandaran province, to the north of which lies the Caspian Sea, and to the west and south are the provinces of Gilan and Qazvin respectively. Ramsar is one of the old cities of the province, and according to historical records dates to approximately a thousand years back. A reputed and large family dwelled here and a major portion of them were 'Saadat' (or descendants of the Prophet Mohammad A.S). Ramsar, years before 1931 was a rural area by the name of Sakhtsar. Today this historical city has expanded and thereby turned into an excellent recreational area in northern Iran, enhanced with natural beauty, a place to enjoy for foreign visitors.

Ramsar is a popular sea resort for Iranian tourists. The town also offers hot springs, the green forests of the Alborz Mountains, the vacation palace of the last Shah, and the Hotel Ramsar. twenty-seven kilometres (17 mi) south of Ramsar and 2,700 metres (8,900 ft) above sea level in the Alborz mountains is Javaher Deh village, which is an important tourist attraction in Ramsar county.
Ramsar - Mazandaran Province
Dalikhani Forest (Ramsar)
Marble palace (Ramsar) Mazandaran Province
Ramsar Hotel
Javaher-deh (Ramsar)
Ramsar Hotel
Ramsar Bazaar
Ramsar - Mazandaran Province
Ramsar - Mazandaran Province
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