Qorveh (Ghorveh) City

Qorveh (Ghorveh) - Sarab Lake
The township of Qorveh is located to the east of the province. It is restricted from east to the Hamadan province from the north to Bijar, from south to Hamadan and Kermanshah and from west to Sanandaj. It's center is the city of Qorveh which is located in a large plain 93 km. east of Sanandaj and northwest of Hamadan and has expanded in the direction of the Sanandaj road towards Hamadan.

In the past the seat of rule of this city was the Qaslan Village. Here the governor of the times was responsible for the construction of some buildings, a castle, mosque, bath, garden and large groves. Today, due to its distinctive geological characteristics, and mineral water springs, visitors and tourists are attracted to this city.

The majority of people in Qorveh speak Kurdish language and Azeri people speak Azerbaijani language.
Qorveh (Ghorveh) - Sarab Lake
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh) Bazaar - Kurdestan
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
Qorveh (Ghorveh)
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Category: Historical Bath
This is an old bath from the Qajar period in the Qaslan Village of Qorveh at a distance of 10 km. from Qorveh and east of Serish Abad. The internal architectural ...
The same is located in a village by the same name, 25 km. northeast of Qorveh. An Imamzadeh is also situated there and is a pilgrimage site for the inhabitants. ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
The same is situated in the village of Baba Gorgor. It is reputedly known as Baveh Gorgor, besides the name Seyed Jamaladdin Moosa-al-Reza. In this vicinity there ...
Category: Springs
This spring is located 18 km. northeast of Qorveh. The water of this spring collects in a circular and deep pool. The same is a bicarbonate chloride type mixed ...
Category: Mountains
The same is located 17 km. south of Qorveh and to the south of the village of Majid Abad. It is 3,042 m. in height. It joins the Bir mountain (3.250 m) in the right ...
Category: Plains
The area of this plain is 58,400 hectares and its height from sea level is 1,800 m. This plain is located in the Qorveh township, and the Cham Shoor River runs ...
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