Pol-e Dokhtar City

Pol-e Dokhtar
The township of Pol-e-Dokhtar is located to the south west of Lorestan province. It has a hot climate due to the influence of warm air currents from Khuzestan.
The history of this region intermingles with that of Khoram Abad. This township lies 100 km. from Khoram Abad.

Pol-e-Dokhtar is approximately 100 kilometres from Khorramabad, the provincial capital. Just north of the city resides the remains of an ancient bridge, which, along with others in this area, has been submitted as a potential UNESCO World Heritage site.

Pol-e Dokhtar means "Bridge of the Daughter" in Farsi.

Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Afrineh Waterfall - Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Pol-e Dokhtar
Afrineh Waterfall - Pol-e Dokhtar
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