Natanz City

The township of Natanz is situated to the northwest of Esfahan (Isfahan). To its north is Kashan, and to the east is Ardestan. This city dates to the pre-Islamic era, and came under the influence of the general conditions prevailing in Esfahan and Kashan from the early Islamic period to the Mongol era. Important relics of this region are the Jame' Mosque, Khanegah or Khaneghah (kind of monastery) and tomb of Sheikh Abdol Samad.

Various small shrines dot the area, and it is known as the shrine of Abd as-Samad.The elements in the present complex date from 1304 with subsequent additions and restorations, such as the Khaneqah and Muqarnas vault. The tomb honors the Sufi Sheikh Abd al-Samad, and was built by the Sheikh's disciple, the Ilkhanid vizier Zain al-Din Mastari.
Imamzadeh Ahmad - Natanz
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
Natanz Jame Mosque
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