Marivan City

The township of Marivan is located in the west of Iran and in the neighborhood of Iraq. It is bounded on north by Saqez, in the south by Kamyaran and Kermanshah, and in the west by Iraq. Marivan is a cold region and is a century old. Farhad Mirza Qajar who governed just before the constitutional movement constructed a castle in Marivan. This border city was in the neighborhood of the Ottoman government. Naseredin Shah ordered a castle to be built there in 1282 AH. In 1286 AH. , Haj Farhad Mo'tamed-o-Doleh further fortified the structure and named it Shah Abad. After Haj Mohammad Ali Khan Zafar-ol-Molk in the early Pahlavi era built a castle in Moosk Village that is now used as a garrison and it is not far from the city. The Zarivar Lake is to the west of the city of Marivan and has given a special beauty to this city, in addition to being a recreational area.
Zaribar Lake - Marivan
Category: Villages
Hawraman Village (Uraman Takht Village) is located in an east-west valley on steep slope overlooking the northern front of the Takht Mountains 63 km. south of Marivan, Kurdistan ... MORE
Category: Villages
This village is located 60 km. of Sanandaj - Marivan Road (28 km. from Sarv Abad of Sanandaj). The said village is famous for a volume of the Holy Qoran in the 'Kufic' script. ... MORE
Category: Villages
This village is located 47 km. southeast of Marivan and in the foothills. The Takht Oraman Mountains are in the south, the Mahdi Mountains in the north, and Mount Dalani ... MORE
Category: Lakes
The Zarivar Lake is the most important and unique attraction in the west of IRAN. This lake is situated at an altitude of 1,285 m. from sea level, and its width and length ... MORE
Category: Forests
The forests of the region of Marivan which are about 185,000 hectares and their maximum expansion is from the Garan Gorge towards the west till the Sheikh Atar Village. The ... MORE
The same is located in Zinaneh Mountain of Oramanat - Marivan and it is carved in the shape of a crescent. Inside the false arch, there is an embossment of a human figure ... MORE
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