Marand City

Marand is among major cities in East Azerbaijan province. It is located in the north-west of capital of the province Tabriz. Marand has been known by various names in history, such as Maryana, Mandagarana, and Maranda.
Marand lies northwest of the province and is semi mountainous. The historical city of Marand is 71 km. from Tabriz, having cold winters and moderate summers. Marand has been famous from long past such as the Assyrian and Kaldeh when it was a center of importance. It is narrated as being a place of burial of the prophet Noah. Its name being derived from the Pahlavi word Madvand meaning the 'living place' of the Medes. This area has also been subject to upheavals in the past.

History of Marand:
The history of the town goes back to the pre-Islamic era. Between 815 till 850, Marand was primarily controlled by Mohammad ibn Ba'ith who was Iranicized to a considerable extent. The elders of Maragha who quoted his Persian poetry also praised his bravery and his literatry ability.
He was Iranicized to considerable extent and the statement of Tabari on him is evidence of the existence of the cultivation of poetry in Persian in northwest Persia at the beginning of the 9th century.
Payam Ski resort - Marand
Damji qayeh Waterfall - Marand
Damji qayeh Waterfall - Marand
Damji qayeh Waterfall - Marand
Eish Abad Waterfall - Marand
Marand Jame Mosque
Marand Jame Mosque
Marand Jame Mosque
Eishabad Waterfall - Marand
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The Yam Ski Resort (Also known as Payam) is based on the foothill of the Mishodaghi Mount (Mishudaq or Mishodaghi Mountain) where lies between Tabriz and Marand ...
Category: Mountains
In this mountainous region the highest peak is 2,855 m. high, standing to the north of the Lake Orumieh and south of the plains of Marand. Its famous peaks are ...
Category: Mosques
Marand Jame Mosque most probably originally this mosque was a fire-temple in Sassanian era. Due to upheavals this fire-temple was converted into a church. After ...
This ancient fort is located on a high, stony hillock 26 km. north of Marand. To the east of this, huge stone slabs can be observed related to the periods before ...
Category: Fire Temples
The remnants of this Sassanian fire-temple is full of ashes which the inhabitants use as a fertilizer. It is located in Gray hill northeast of the city.
Covering an area of 84,000 hectares that is extending from the banks of Aras river and reaching a height of 3,347 m. in the mountains of Kiyamaki.
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