Mahallat City

Sarcheshmeh Park - Mahallat
The township of Mahalat (Mahallat) is located to the southeast of MARKAZI province, and is among the plains in the mountains. It is surrounded by heights and has a mountainous climate. Mahalat is 362 km. from Tehran, and is on the skirts of the heights. The same is one of the ancient regions of settlement in the country. In the historical books Mahalat has been called Sayer Al Bolouk (other regions), because according to the maps of that time it was not one of the territories of Qom and Kashan. The exact date of nomination of Mahalat is not known but according to the regional informants it was named during Afghan (Azad Khan) invasion to Iran.

During the Safavid era, Mahalat had its major commercial interactions with Esfahan. In the Qajar era, Mahalat was the base of the Esmaili sect. In the meantime, the governor of Mahallat (Mirza Mohammad Khan) was appointed by Zel-al-Soltan (the shadow of God) coinciding with the time that Golpayegan, Khansar, Mahalat and Khomein together formed a province, the center of which was Golpayegan.

In 1937, according to the new law of the divisions of the country, the region of Qom, that Mahalat was a part of which, was changed to a new township. In the new divisions the Khorheh Village and Nimvar city have an older history than that of Mahalat and have several historical relics. Nimvar, is one of the important religious centers of ancient times. The Khorheh village is one of the most ancient villages. Its antiquity goes back to the Seleucidian era. Flower cultivation has been common in Mahallat since the past 50 years. Nowadays Mahallat is a very beautiful city.

In ancient times it was an important location for Zoroastrianism. It has a cold climate, and strong winds during spring and summer.
Sarcheshmeh Park - Mahallat
Sarcheshmeh Park - Mahallat
Khorheh Solooki Temple near Mahallat
Atashkooh Fire Temple - Mahallat
Sarcheshmeh Park - Mahallat
Khorheh ruins near Mahallat
Khorheh ruins near Mahallat
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