Kord Kooy (Kordkuy) City

Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
The township of Kord Kooy (or Kordkuy) is situated at the west of Golestan province and neighbors Mazandaran province in the west. In the north, this township is limited by the Caspian Sea and Bandar Turkaman. Gorgan is placed at the east, and Semnan province at the south. Its old name was Tamisheh which was also designated to the western part of Gorgan. At the end of Teimoorian dynasty and early Safavid era, a tribe from Kurdestan immigrated to this region, thus at first it was named as "Kord Mahaleh" and later on Kord Kooy.

Kordkuy means The neighborhood of Kurds. Its south parts are closed with the heights of Alborz (Elbruz) mountains. Kordkuy was a part of Gorgan until 1979 when it gained town status. The former name of Kordkuy was Tamiše which was also attributed to the western part of Gorgan. Kordkuy's most harvests are husked rice, wheat, cotton and soya.
Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Jahan Nama Village - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Radakan Tower - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Doab Waterfall - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Drazno Village - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Radakan Tower - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Radakan Tower - Kordkuy
Radakan Tower - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
Jahan Nama Village - Kord Kooy (Kordkuy)
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This tower is located near the Radkan village, 24 km. south of Kord Kooy and 54 km. to the southwest of Gorgan. The same is situated on a strategic hillock. Constructed ...
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