Koohdasht (Kuhdasht) City

Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
The township of Koohdasht (Kuhdasht) is located to the west of LORESTAN province. Archaeological studies in areas such as Sorkhdam, Lori, Hamiyan and Sartarhan have revealed that Koohdasht was one of the centers of civilization of ancient Iran. The discovery of an Assyrian temple shows that this area was inhabited even before the first millennium BC. The historian Mostowfi has also mentioned Koohdasht and Tehran in his records, and that these were extinct areas, centuries before the Arab invasion.

Kuhdasht is a large plain which is surrounded by mountains. In Persian, Kuhdasht is composed of "Kuh," which means mountain, and "Dasht," which means plain. Kuhdasht was the residence of Kassites, one of the ancient peoples of Zagros Mountains. There are some antique pieces of bronze in Louvre museum from Kassite civilization.
Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Shirz Canyon
Shirz Canyon
Emam Sq. in Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Shirz Canyon
Emam Sq. in Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Shirz Canyon
Kuhdasht (Koohdasht)
Shirz Canyon
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Category: Valleys, Mountains
The Shirz Canyon (Tange-e Shirz) is a canyon of geotouristic importance, located 45 kilometers northeast of Kuhdasht, the capital of Kuhdasht County, in the province of Lurestan, ... MORE
Category: Plains
The plains of Koohdasht are to the west of Lurestan province, experiencing semi-warm summers and moderate winters. The Kashgan river flows through this vicinity besides others, ... MORE
Category: Bridges
The above mentioned bridge is situated on the old road of Tehran to the ancient city of Shahpour Khast. This bridge has been constructed on Kashgan river. At the lower end ... MORE
Category: Valleys
This valley lies between two mountains, 80 km. south west of Khoram Abad towards Koohdasht. In the mountains of Sefid Kooh is a crypt which has pillars and a wall constructed ... MORE
Changary is a name of a mountain, which extends from the north-east of Koohdasht till the Seimareh River. On the peak of this mountain are the remnants of a few castles, ... MORE
These two hillocks are situated in the village of Rumashkan (Kooh Dasht).Relics that have been discovered in the Choqa Sabz Hillocks co-relate with the vessels found in Shoosh ... MORE
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