Khormoj (Dashti) City

Khormoj (Dashti)
Khormoj (Khormouj) in Dashti County (Dashty or Khourmoj)  is in the south of Boushehr province its capital city being 'Khormoj'. Kaki was the center of the Dashti block and it was used to be called Mandestan. The relics of this vicinity are a temple and an ancient tower, but the natural attractions of the area can draw numerous sight-seeing visitors.
Khormoj (Dashti)
Khormoj (Dashti)
Khormoj (Dashti)
Khurmoj Castle in Khormoj (Dashti)
Khormoj (Dashti)
Khurmoj Castle in Khormoj (Dashti)
Koohmand Fire Temple - Khormoj (Dashti)
Shirineh Mansion - Khormoj (Dashti)
Shirineh Mansion - Khormoj (Dashti)
Shirineh Mansion - Khormoj (Dashti)
This is the remnants of the large castle of Khormoj and is architectured in the 'Saljuqi' style with arched roofs and decorative plaster moldings.
Category: Temples
This temple is on the skirts of the 'Mond' Mountains, 30 km. from Khormoj, on the top of a rocky height. The current facade of this temple is a main platform with ...
Category: Mosques
This ancient mosque is located in an old graveyard which is on the top of a hill. A wooden inscription in the mosque displays the date 852 AH. as the repairing ...
Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
This is an ancient tomb made of hand and sculptured stone and is located south of Khormoj city. It is believed that an offspring of prophet Noah is buried here.
Category: Springs
This spring lies 77 km. on Ahram - Khormoj Road and 1 km. of the path to the spring is a mud track. Two separate pools are present for gents and ladies.
This vicinity is near the Mond River and about 600 - 700 herds of gazelle or dear exist here.
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