Khomeyn City

Ashura in Khomeyn
The town of Khomein (or Khomeyn) is located to the south of MARKAZI province, in a fertile plain. The climate of Khomein is a moderate mountainous inclining to a semi-desert one. Winters are cold and summers are moderate. This city lies at a distance of 323 km. from Tehran.

The name of Khomein was primarily mentioned in a book named "The History of Prophets and Kings". Subterranean canals (qanats), sewers and its famous fire-temple can be named as some pre-Islamic relics. This town was called the center of Kamareh 200 years ago. Presently, this town is famous because of the leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini. This town is the birthplace of the leader of the Islamic Revolution. His father's house has become an important historical monument.
Ashura in Khomeyn
Ruhollah Khomeini birthplace in Khomein
Salar Mohtasham Edifice - Khomeyn
Ruhollah Khomeini birthplace in Khomein
Salar Mohtasham Edifice - Khomeyn
Salar Mohtasham Edifice - Khomein
Salar Mohtasham Edifice - Khomeyn
Salar Mohtasham Edifice - Khomeyn
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This mansion (Also Khomein Museum of Anthropology) is located in Khomein (or Khomeyn) and from architectural point of view is very important, in addition to being ...
The aggregate of engravings and impressions in the rocks of Teimareh, seem to be that of the pre-historic age, due to repetitions, lack of diversity and the kind ...
Imam Khomeini's father-house which is located by the northern bank of the Khomein River is in the old part of the city. This house is very famous and is being visited ...
The said which lies in a hollow area, is a octagonal structure with a domed ceiling. This structure is a remnant of the ancient bazaar of Khomein and constructed ...
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Within the limits of the province, specially in the rural vicinities, in respect to the lifestyle, and available water resources, a number of water mills are present. ...
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The same is a pilgrimage site in the Reyhan village of Khomein. The inhabitants state that three corpses in an intact condition were found here in 1975. Two of ...
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