KhodaBandeh City

in Zanjan province
Khodabandeh County is a county in Zanjan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Qeydar. At the 2006 census, the county's population was 161,696, in 36,121 families. The county is subdivided into four districts: the Central District, Afshar District, Bizineh Rud District, and Sojas Rud District. The county has four cities: Qeydar, Garmab, Zarrin Rud, and Sojas.

This township is located in the south-eastern part of Zanjan, experiences a mountainous climate with cold, snowy winters and moderate summers. One of the earliest human settlements dating back to the 4th and early 5th millennium BC. can be recorded here. Tribes such as Khoda Bandehloo and Afshar mingled with the natives of the area, bringing for the renounced Zanjan race. This township includes two cities named as Shoravard and Sajas, to make special mention of a great personality such as Shahabedin Sohravardi who grew up here.
khodabandeh - IRAN
Category: Villages
This village is located 17km. north west of Qeydar, and the Lejas Rood River flow across this area. It has a cold and dry climate. Places of interest of this vicinity ...
This two storeyed structure is located 500 km. south west of Soltanieh between Soltanieh and Khoda Bandeh. Researchers have affiliated this building to Soltan Chalapi. ...
Category: Rivers
The Sajas Rood finds its source in the southern slopes of the Aq Daq Mountains, which lie to the north east of Qeydar and to the south east of Zanjan. After receiving ...
Category: Villages
This village is in the township of Khoda Bandeh and is located 60 km south west of Qeydar. It experiences a cold, dry climate. The "Shoor Chay' River flows to the ...
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