Kalibar (Kaleybar) City

Arasbaran Forest - Kaleybar
This mountainous township is located to the northeast of East Azerbaijan province. Its capital city Kalibar being situated in a beautiful valley, 45 km. from Ahar and 148 km. from Tabriz. Being under the influence of climatic conditions from the Caspian Sea, most of its higher areas are usually foggy. Kalibar also has forest areas and the Aras River flows through the north of this vicinity. The famous peak of Babak or Jomhori stands at an altitude of 2,600 m. west of Kalibar.

Kaleybar, known as Badd or Baddayn (or Bedh) in Islamic chronicles, was the stronghold of Babak Khorramdin who, in 816 AD, revolted against Islamic Caliphate. Babak's resistance was ended in 836 when he was defeated by the Iranian General Afshin, acting on behalf of the Caliphate. The events of the two decades long tumultuous times subjected the town to the reports of early Islamic historians.

Kaleybar, perhaps, suffered enormously during Russo-Persian War (1804-13) and Russo-Persian War (1826-28) due to its proximity to the war zone. Moreover, through the involvement of Arasbaran tribes in armed conflicts during the Persian Constitutional Revolution, Kaleybar should have experienced a tumultuous period. The period has been described in the following books, which are dedicated to the contemporary history of Arasbaran region.

Arasbaran Forest - Kaleybar
Babak Fort (Babak Castle) Kaleybar
Babak Fort (Babak Castle) Kaleybar
Babak Fort (Babak Castle) Kaleybar
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BABAK Fort (Ghaleh Babak or Babak Castle) located 5 km. southwest of Kalibar, at 2,600 m. above sea level in East Azerbaijan Province of IRAN. Surrounding the castle ...
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