Esfarayen City

Esfarayen is located in the north west of NORTH KHORASAN province and is about 772 km. from Tehran. A part of this town is situated on the slopes of Shah Jahan Mountains and the other part in the plains. The town experiences cold weather. Esfarayen was one of the focal points where the Aryan tribes settled after entering Iran during the Parthian period.

Esfarayen was then one of the important villages of Nayshabur. Even after the Arabs gained control, Esfarayen flourished and continued to be so after Islam. In spite of attacks, it was reconstructed. In the late 8th century AH, this city was ruined during the Teimoorian attack. During the Safavid era the town was attacked by the Ozbek tribes.

In the Afshar period the old city of Esfarayen was completely destroyed thereby compelling the inhabitants to reside in the present city of Esfarayen, or as it came to be known.
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Roein Village near Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Local Wresteling Event in Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
Belgheis Citadel - Esfarayen
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Category: Rivers
This river flows in the valley of Esfarayen. It originates from south of Aladaq Mountains and to the north from Shah Jahan Mountain Ranges. After saturating the ...
Category: Ancient Cities
This city which is actually the ruins of the old city of Esfarayen, is located 3 km. from the present city, and to the right of Sabzevar - Esfarayen Road. Earthen ...
This castle is on the fringes of the village of the Hassan Abad, north-east of Esfarayen. It has been erected on a natural mound and is 140 m. in length and 70 ...
The village of Noushirvan is the birth place of Sultan Anushirvan is located northeast of Esfarayen. In the eastern section there is a sturdy wall named Faqat Dej ...
Category: Public places
There are many old and archaic trees in the Esfarayen township that are worth observing. Such as the trees of Koshtan Village, the plane trees of Masjed Koshtan, ...
This castle is 3 km. from the village of Beed in Esfarayen. Evidences from the time of the Zoroastrians have been found here. The castle dates back to pre-Islamic ...
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