Dehloran City

Dehloran is located in the south of ILAM province 910 kilometers from Tehran enjoying an arid and semi-arid climate. It is situated on the southern slope of Dinarkooh. In past, it was known as "the village of Lurs".

The remains of historical monuments and discovered vestiges indicate that the antiquity of the region dates back to the pre-historic and Sassanide periods. Dehloran has not developed due to water shortage.

The city was severely damaged in the imposed Iraq war. But now it is reconstructed and is paid due attention. This area is known for its oil fields with a long history of exploitation.
Ilami Kurdish Traditional Dress - Dehloran
Hot Springs in Dehloran
Winter in Dehloran
Abu-Ghuyer desert near Dehloran
Abu-Ghuyer desert near Dehloran
Sartaf Waterfall - Dehloran
Siahkooh Dehloran
Abu-Ghuyer desert near Dehloran
Abu-Ghuyer desert near Dehloran
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Category: Springs
This thermal spring is located 3 kilometers from Dehloran with sulphurous water. It is also used by local people as well as tourists.
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Category: Mausoleums, Shrines
Other Imamzadehs of the province are: Seyed Akbar 10 kilometers far from Dehloran, Seyed Hassan on the Mehran - Dehloran Road, Seyed Ebrahim Qatal Pilgrimage site ...
Category: Caves
This cave is located 3 kilometers northeast of Dehloran on the outskirts of a mountain overlooking the valley and thermal springs of Dehloran. It is the habitat ...
Category: Ancient Cities
The ruins of this city are located in the banks of Cham Zangi river close to Bardi village. According to archaeological studies, its antiquity dates back to the ...
There are several remains of historical monuments including Shiaq (Shiakh) Castle and ruins of the city of Samaria. Its antiquity is estimated to the pre-historic ...
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