Damgan (Daamghan) City

The township of Damqan (Damghaan) is in the center of SEMNAN province, and lies in a north-south direction. To the north is Mazandaran province, to the south are the desert region and Esfahan province. In the northern sector are the central Alborz Mountain Ranges and the remaining part comprises of desert and waste land. The city of Damqan the center of the said township which is at a distance of 335 km. from Tehran.

This city is famous for its pistachio, in the country. In the mountainous area it has a moderate climate, whereas in the southern desert region it is warm. The city is also subjected to dusty, northern winds. The construction of this city is generally related to 'Hushang' ( a descendent of Kiomars), and is therefore one of the ancient cities of Iran.

In the Islamic era it was the center of the 'Gomess' territory and according to some narrations, the primary construction of this city was in the vicinity of Sad Darvazeh.
Shah Abbasi Caravanserai - Damghan
Tappeh Hesar - Damghan
Tappeh Hesar - Damghan
Damghan Jame Mosque
Tomb of Prir-e Alamdar - Damghan
Cheshmeh Ali (Hezar Cheshmeh) Damghan
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Category: Mosques
Tarikhaneh Temple (Masjid Tarikhaneh also known as Mosque of 100 Gates) was in the pre-Islamic place of worship of the Zoroastrian and used it as a fire or temple ...
The province of 'Gomess' and the city of Damqan, was favored by the monarchs of the early Qajar dynasty. Thus prompting rulers such as Aqa Mohammad Khan and Fathali ...
Category: Springs
The spring lies 35 km. north of Damqan. In the past this vicinity was the realm of the monarchs or rulers, who spent their leisure time here. For example, Aqa Mohammad ...
Category: Mosques
The said mosque is located opposite the Haj Fath Ali Beig school in the city of Damqan. This structure has a double row of brick columns, supporting the rounded ...
This is a relic from the Safavid era and is located in the Shaheed Fallahi Avenue in Damqan city. This structure has a tall doorway, vast hall and various rooms. ...
This tower is near the Jame' Mosque and the Fathali Beig School of Damqan. In the year 417 AH., this brick tomb was constructed round in shape, with a conical dome. ...
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