Chabahar Free Port City

Chabahar (Bandar Beheshti) located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman in Makran coast of Sistan and Baluchistan Province. It is the only port with direct access to the Indian Ocean in IRAN.
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar is located in the south of Sistan & Balouchestan province and to the west of which are the provinces of Kerman and Hormozgan. To its south runs the coastal region of the province and to the east is the neighborhood of Pakistan. Bandar Chabahar is the center of this township and is situated at a distance of 2,382 km. from Tehran. This area experiences a tropical climate, and its southern segments are humid due to the sea. In olden times it was known as 'Bandar Tees' which was held in high esteem, and was one of the trading centers in the Oman Sea. After the Islamic revolution Chabahar gained more importance due to many factors besides the war. Today this region is a strategic vicinity and is considered as a free trade zone area of the country.

Chabahar is home to different natural and historical phenomenons which are considered as tourist attractions:

Mangrove forest: This forest is located alongside the Gwater Gulf which have made suitable residence for valuable species of seabirds such as flamingo, eagle, heron etc.

Beaches: The Chabahar Beaches own one of the most scenic coastal areas in all of Iran. Chabahar Beaches are suitable for many water sports and activities including swimming, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, water skiing, surfing among others. Easkey Britton an internationally renowned surfer from Ireland was among the first people who pioneered surfing of chabahar beaches.

Lipar Lagoon: This lagoon is close to Ramin village and 15 kilometers far from the east of Chabahar in direction of coastal road of Chabahar to Gwatre.

Mars or Martian Mounts: are also known as koohaye merikhi are a type of badlands stretched out parallel to the sea, starting from Kachoo village up to the proximity of Gwater. Martian Mounts are extremely beautiful and considered to be symbols of the unique geo-morphological phenomena of Chabahar.

Tis Fortress: This fortress is located on a hill along the Chabahar – Tis road and far from Chabahar city by 6 kilometers. The fortress is constructed in 34*59 meters. The materials used in this fortress are bricks, stones, a kind of plaster cast and lime. The gate is located in the east, and the fortress comprehends a big vestibule with numerous rooms, a private veranda, a cistern, ramparts, well, etc. This sign of two ramparts, founded on the cube shape like a room with veranda can be seen from the dais. these ramparts may have been used as watch-towers and lighthouse. The history of this fortress dates back to Islamic era.

Historical Port Village of Tis: This village is 5 kilometer north of Chabahar City and situated in the opening mouth of Chabahar Gulf. Moghadassi, the historian of the fourth century of Hijra (Islamic Calendar) has written that Tis or Tiz is a small port, but very habitable and highly flourishing. This village is located in the direction of south shores of Iran. Tis used to be considered as the commercial center for sugar and wheat of both Makran and Sistan province in those days. 

Old Telegraph Building ( Telegraphic Office ): This building is one of the oldest available stone buildings in Chabahar. The stone inscription on the forehead of building shows the date of 1845 A.D., which was constructed by Britain for promotion of business, marine affairs and connection between India, Gwater, Jask and Bandar Abbass.

Banmasity Caves: This complex includes two natural and an artificial cave which are located in Tis village on the slope of Shabaz Mountain. Ban is a pious man's name and Masity is that of temple. These caves used to be for the worship and religious or official ceremonies.

Gwater Castle: This castle is located in the farthest South East of Iran, in the direction of coastal road of Gwater-Chabahar on the top of the Hill. There are an ancient graveyard and a well in this area. The discovered earthen wares and postsherds in this place belong to the third millennium B.C.
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar - Sistan va Balouchestan Province
Darak Village (Darak Beach) near Chabahar
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar Free Port
Chabahar to host surf festival
Darak Village (Darak Beach) near Chabahar
Darak Village (Darak Beach) near Chabahar
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