Bandar Abbas City

Hormoz Hotel - Bandar Abbas
The township of Bandar Abbas is located at a distance of 1,484 km. from Tehran. The same lies to the south of the province and is within the southern limits of the Persian Gulf. It experiences a warm and humid climate. In the year 924 AH., Bandar Abbas was known as Jerun and was not more than a small village on the northern coasts of the Persian Gulf.

In the year 1514 AD., the Portuguese selected the same for the dispatch of cargo and due to the presence of a large number of lobsters or crabs on its shores, named this port likewise. The British government came to help Shah Abbas Safavid who expelled the Portuguese from this port in 1622 AD. Thereafter to commemorate this victory, the port was named Bandar Abbas. The British government and the Dutch set up commercial centers here and constructed a magnificent edifice on the sea shore.

Most of the cargo ships transporting goods from India to Iran, the Ottoman Empire and other vicinities in the region docked at this port. The Dutch were responsible for constructing a small town in the midst of the city of Bandar Abbas in 1110 AH., after gaining permission from the government of Iran. In the mid 17th century AD., the East India Company was inaugurated in Bandar Abbas, but later due to turmoil in 1759 AD. the same was transferred to Basra.

During the reign of Nader Shah, Bandar Abbas and its suburbs were rented out to the Soltan of Muscat in accordance to an agreement. But due to a rebellion in Muscat in the year 1868 AD., this agreement was canceled and Bandar Abbas came under the jurisdiction of Iran.

Currently, the city of Bandar Abbas is the center of Hormozgan province and enjoys a favorable position both strategically on the shores of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and also in connection with economic fields. Furthermore, the facilitation provided in Bandar-e-Shaheed Rajaie aids in brisk transactions between Iran and other countries.
Hormoz Hotel - Bandar Abbas
Bandarabbas Sea Shore
Bandar Abbas - Persian Gulf sea shore
Seyed Mozafar - Bandar Abbas
Bandar Abbas - IRAN
Bandar Abbas
Bandar Abbas - Persian Gulf
Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Bandar Abbas
Bandar-e Abbas - Hormozgan - IRAN
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