Babol City

The township of Babol stretches out in a north-south direction, to the north of which is the township of Babolsar, and the coastal plains. Whereas, to the south is the township of Damavand, in the Tehran province. Apart from the northern sector and central sections that are located in the plains, the southern segment in the mountainous region, being cold in the upper areas and humid and temperate in the plains. The original name of the city was Mamtir and in the 10th century AH.

the city of Barforoosh came up in its place and in the year 160 AH. Maziyar Ebne Qaran constructed the Jame' Mosque. During the Savafid and Qajar eras the city prospered and thrived specially in the economic field and took an important position during the reign of Fathali Shah. Before the October revolution in Russia, Babol maintained commercial ties with Russia, via the Port of Babolsar, and thereby became one of the important trading centers in Mazandaran province. Today, it is one of the most beautiful cities of the province and is located 268 km. from Tehran.
HeydarKala - Babol
Babol Museum
Mohammad Hasan Khaan Bridge - Babol
Filband Village - near Babol
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Category: Bridges
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Located in the Bandpey locality of Babol, the same is adorned with paintings, carvings and plaster work of extreme intricate design. The structure has two entrances, with ... MORE
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