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More information about Iranian Garden
Iranian Garden
in Tehran City
city: Tehran
The Iranian garden is situated in one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran known as “Deh Vanak” where you can walk to recall Tehran in the old days. Old buildings and home gardens would ... MORE
Iranian Garden with an area of about 3.4 hectares, is located in Tehran. The place is designed on the pattern of Persian garden, one of the most inspiring elements of Iranian architecture and culture.
More information about Eil Goli (Shahgoli) park
Eil Goli (Shahgoli) park
in Tabriz City
city: Tabriz
The former Shah Goli or the present Eil Goli (the Shah's pool) is one of the recreational areas of Tabriz (East Azerbaijan) and Iran located to the north east of Tabriz city. The ... MORE
Elgoli Park in Tabriz or Shahgoli, 8km south-east of the center, is popular with summer strollers and courting couples. Its fairground surrounds an artificial lake, in the middle of which a photogenic restaurant-pavilion occupies the reconstruction of a Qajar-era palace. The park can be reached by metro line 1.
More information about Iranian Art Museum Garden
Iranian Art Museum Garden
in Tehran City
city: Tehran
Iranian Art Museum Garden is located in Elahieh Area with an area less than one hectare. The main building (Museum) was built in 1931 belonged to Ahmad Amir Ahmadi, Lieutenant general ... MORE
Scaled-down architectural models of famous Iranian buildings are dotted around this lovely, spacious walled garden surrounded by small boutiques, cafes and a restaurant. The models include such landmarks as the Si-o Seh bridge in Esfahan, the Gonbad Soltaniyeh and Tehran's Azadi Tower.
More information about Jamshidieh Stone Garden
Jamshidieh Stone Garden
in Tehran City
city: Tehran
Jamshidieh Park is one of Tehran’s tourist attractions as it is situated on a hiking route to the northern heights of the city, ifpnews.com wrote.  Unique architecture, artificial ... MORE
Jamshidieh Park is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in northern Tehran located in a mountainous region with stone pavements.
More information about Isfahan Flower Garden
Isfahan Flower Garden
in Isfahan City
city: Isfahan
One of the artificial green areas of Isfahan is Flowers Garden. Many colorful flowers are collected in this garden for others to see and to investigate. The multi-functional nature ... MORE
Flower Garden of Isfahan offers a beautiful collection of Iran’s floral diversity. This Garden in one of Iran's great green space projects, which was completed in 1990s in Isfahan. The garden serves multiple purposes. It's a recreational, cultural, educational and research center. The buildings of the garden have Iranian traditional elements.
city: Tehran
Sorkheh Hesar National Park with an area of 9,380 hectares stands at an attitude of 1,547 m. above sea-level, besides Tehran city. The major portion of this territory is a base for ... MORE
Sorkheh Hesar National Park with an area of 9,380 hectares stands at an attitude of 1,547 m. above sea-level, besides Tehran city. The major portion of this territory is a base for immigrant birds during winter. Access to this park can be gained from the Khojir Road and Qasr-e-Firoozeh Roads. Khojir ...
More information about Lavizan Forest Park
Lavizan Forest Park
in Tehran City
city: Tehran
Lavizan Forest park covers an area of 1,100 hectares and is located to the north west of Tehran. It is also considered to be one of the largest recreational areas of the province. Lavizan ... MORE
Lavizan Forest Park is a large forested area in the Lavizaan neighborhood in northeast Tehran, with stunning views of Tehran CityScape, which is, of course, usually shrouded in smog.
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