Tehran Zoological Garden
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The Tehran Zoological Garden, also known as Eram Zoo, is located 4 kilometer on the Tehran - Karaj Expressway in the Eram amusement Park. This zoo covers an area of 5 hectares and was inaugurated in 1992, housing over more than 290 species
Tourist Attraction

Tehran Zoological Garden

in Tehran city | Tehran province
Tourist Attraction

Tehran Zoological Garden

Related to Tehran city (located in Tehran province)
The Tehran Zoological Garden (Eram Zoo) is located 4 km. on the Tehran - Karaj Expressway near the Eram Park. This zoo covers an area of 4.5 hectares and was inaugurated in the year 1371 (1992), housing over more than 290 species.

In 2010, the Iranian government sent a pair of Persian leopard to Russia's Sochi National Park in exchange for two Siberian tigers so that they will eventually release the tigers into the wild in the next five years and start the re-population project. The Miankaleh peninsula was chosen as a suitable habitat for the tigers.

In September 2014, the Tehran Zoological Garden requested to the European Endangered Species Program (EEP) committee to follow the non-EAZA institution for the Asiatic lion. It was said that two Asian lion cubs from a German zoo are on their way for the Tehran zoo. The enclosure for the species has been prepared. However, the letter sent to the Tehran zoo is controversial, it is disputed that it may be false.

Country's largest zoo with 120 animal species from Iran and the world:

Cats: African lion, Bengal tiger, African and Persian leopard, Siberian tiger, Eurasian lynx, striped hyena, Asiatic cheetah.
Canine: wolf, jackal, fox.
Primates: chimpanzee, baboon, rhesus macaque.
Bears: brown bear.
Birds: crowned crane, peacock, pheasant, pelican, saker falcon, vulture, eagle, penguin.
Reptiles and amphibians: python, Iran Plateau short snout crocodile, lizard, iguana, turtle.
Marsupials: kangaroo.
Rodents: porcupine, Persian squirrel, rabbit, hamster.
Fish: African catfish.

Other: Persian onager, Persian fallow deer, red deer, Bactrian camel,[6][7] African bush elephant, Sri Lankan elephant
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Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
Tehran Zoological Garden
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