Surp Sarkis Church (St. Sarkis) - Khoy
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St. Sarkis Cathedral also known as Surp Sarkis Cathedral is geographically located in Khoy (Wes Azerbaijan Province). in some documents, it has been written that the construction of the cathedral dates back to Safavid Era.
Tourist Attraction

Surp Sarkis Church (St. Sarkis)

in Khoy city | West Azerbaijan province
Tourist Attraction

Surp Sarkis Church (St. Sarkis)

Related to Khoy city (West Azerbaijan Province)
Also known as: Sorop Serkis Church, Sorp Sarkis Church, Saint Sarkis Cathedral, St. Sarkis Church
St. Sarkis Cathedral also known as Surp Sarkis Cathedral is geographically located in Khoy (Wes Azerbaijan Province). in some documents, it has been written that the construction of the cathedral dates back to Safavid Era.
Surp Sarkis Church (St. Sarkis) - Khoy
Sorp Serkis Church (Surp Sarkis Church or Kelisaye Serkis-e Moghadas) dates back to the 4th century AD. and is on the Cultural Heritage Organization records. This old armenian church has been located in Khoy.

The plan of the Saint Sarkis Cathedral was heavily inspired by the plans of Iranian temples and has two entrance doors on the south and western sides. Surp Sarkis Cathedral has six columns made of stones inside it. Eight small holes supply the lightening of the interior side.

The altar is located on the north east part of the cathedral and is the only section of the cathedral which is decorated with religious paintings on the plaster. Looking at the facade, you would see a small done which crowns the central part. The construction was built and decorated with lime stones carved in the shape of cube.

St. Sarkis Church that is believed to date from the 4th century though most of what visitors see there date back to Safavid era when it dominantly underwent restoration works.
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Surp Sarkis Church (St. Sarkis) - Khoy
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