Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Tourist Attraction

Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)

in Sanandaj city | Kurdistan province
Tourist Attraction

Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)

Related to Sanandaj city (located in Kurdistan province)
Sanandaj Museum (Salaar Saeid Mansion located in Habibi Alley on Imam Khomeini St.), which bears close resemblance to those of "Qajar" period, was originally built as the residence of "Molla Lotfollah Sheikholeslam", one of the spiritual leaders of "Qajar" era.

After his death, it was bought by "Salar Said Sanandaji", and later handed over to Ministry of Culture and Art, being transformed into a museum in 1967. This Mansion also known as Salar Saeed (Salar Saeid). The Oroosie work of this museum is one of the matchless samples of Oroosie works in Sanandaj

It consists of a basement and a ground floor. Archeological items are exhibited in basement and ethnological materials are on show on the ground floor. Various relics from the region of Kurdestan, as well as other parts of Iran are housed here.

Besides public holidays and Mondays, the museum is open to public throughout the week. The working hours in spring and summer are from 9-12 a.m. in morning and 4-7 p.m. in the afternoon, while in autumn and winter the working hours are from 8-12 a.m. in morning and 3-5 p.m. in the afternoon.
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Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
Sanandaj Museum (Salar Saeid Mansion)
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