Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Tourist Attraction

Karkas Mountains

in Kashan city | Isfahan province
Tourist Attraction

Karkas Mountains

Related to Kashan city (located in Isfahan province) and Natanz city
Also known as: Reshteh kuh-e Karkas
The Karkas mountain chain (Karkas Mountains) is a mountain range which is located almost in central Iran. This extensive range lies within the limits of the townships of Natanz and Kashan. Its highest peak being the Karkas summit which rises to an elevation of 3,895 m. From this mountainous area seasonal rivers take their source.

The name Karkas (vulture) Probably comes from the vultures that lived in the mountain for years. Another theory of the name is that it comes from the Assyrian Empire. In their language, Kar-Kassi means town or land of the Kassites. Kassites lived in that area at the time of Assyrians. Hamdollah Mostowfi, the great geographer and poet of the 8th century describes the mountain this way “a great and high mountain, which a vulture cannot fly upon it because of its height”

The weather is very suitable and appropriate in the area for different kinds of plants to grow. Also, since this mountain is many animals and birds’ habitat, haunting is not allowed in most parts of this area. In the hillside there is a place to rest, you can camp there and spend the night there.

The best time to climb this outstanding mountain is in March and April, because the weather is neither hot nor cold. Climbing up this high fascinating mountain is a little bit difficult but not that hard to reach to the peak. However you’ll need to know the basics of mount climbing and have the equipment like sleeping bag, warm clothes and appropriate shoes for climbing.
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Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
Karkas Mountains - Isfahan Province
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