Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Tourist Attraction

Kamtal Summit

in Jolfa city | East Azerbaijan province
Tourist Attraction

Kamtal Summit

Related to Jolfa city (located in East Azerbaijan province)
Kamtaal Summit (Kantal) Being one of the most beautiful and important rocky peaks of the mountains of Arasbaran. Kamtal summit as well as three other summits Kamchi 3300m, Ganli 3200m and Glish 3200m , located in the west of nowjamehr village, inside kiamaki protected area of Azerbaygan of Iran.

Kiamki Dagh (Kiaamki Daagh) is a mountain in Iran with the region font code of Russia/ Central Asia.

Kiamaki Wildlife Resort and Arasbaran protected area have a variety of wild life and vegetation special for this region including deer, reindeer, ram, buck, goat, leopard, brown bear, and also different kind of birds like golden eagle, ducks, turkey, etc.
The vegetation includes willow trees, wild berries, walnut trees, and also herbal plants.
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Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Kamtal Summit near Julfa
Jolfa is in the northwest of East Azarbaijan Province (Azarbaijan Sharghi) and the Aras River flows through the north of which, near the borders of Iran and the Republic of Azarbayjan and Armenia. Jolfa being the capital city of the township, located 150 km. from Tabriz. ...
Category: Historical Bath
Kordasht historical Bath is located in a village of the same name near Jolfa County in northwest Iran. The bath dates back to Safavid times, and its water is supplied ...
Category: Rivers
ARAS River (Rood-e ARAS) is the most important and largest river in the northern section of the province of East Azarbayjan. The length of the said being 1,072 ...
Khajeh Nazar (Abbasi) Caravansaray is one of the 999 caravansaray that has been built in age of Shah Abbas Safavid. Khajeh Nazar Caravansaray was located in Jolfa ...
The Saint Stepanos Monastery was erected between the periods of the 4th and 6th century AH. and is one of the important historical and religious structures of the ...
Category: Waterfalls
The said waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area (around the city of Jolfa) worth visiting and gets its name due to the remnants of an ancient ...
Orumieh Lake (Orumieh)
The province of West Azarbayjan has the largest lake of Iran in its territory, known as Lake Orumieh. This lake is at an altitude of 1,267 m. from the sea level, ...
Darband (Tehran)
One of the best Tehran's Outdoor Experience: The beautiful nature of the strait includes the twin Waterfall which is a walkway to enjoy fresh nature for both local ...
The village of Darak in Iran’s southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan province has one of the most beautiful coasts of the country and even the world.
The Zayandeh Rood (Zayanderud or Payandehrud) is one of the most important rivers of the central plateau of Iran. This Rivere has come to be known by this name, ...
Karafto Caves (Karaftou Historical Caves) is located in a castle by the same name between Divandareh and Saqez, 20 km. north of this route in Kurdestan Province. ...
Mount Damavand (Damavand)
Category: Mountains
Damavand Mountain, a potentially active volcano, is a stratovolcano which is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. Mount Damaavand is the 12th ...
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