Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Tourist Attraction

Haroon Prison

in Shahr-e-Rey city | Tehran province
Tourist Attraction

Haroon Prison

Related to Shahr-e-Rey city (located in Tehran province) and Tehran city
Haroun Prison (Haroon Prison) or the Harun al-Rashid prison (Also known as Khaan) in Rey is a cuboid structure made of stone and stucco, which dates back to the Buyid dynasty (934-1062). The structure, which was used for the solitary confinement of criminal in the Buyid era, is 9 meters tall and has two stories.

Other castles and towers are near Shahr-eRey and Tehran named as follows: Central castle and ramparts of the Saljuqians in Ray, prison of Haroon at the distance of 10 km in Tehran - Khorassan Road and Sorkh (Red) castle in Ray.

(There is another Castle prison named as Harun Al Rashid in Mashhad city)
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Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
Haroon prison - Shahr-e-Rey
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