Great Bazaar of Borujerd
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Tourist Attraction

Great Bazaar of Borujerd

in Borujerd city | Lorestan province
Tourist Attraction

Great Bazaar of Borujerd

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Also known as: Rasta Bazaar, Rasteh Bazaar, Boroujerd Bazar
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Grand Bazaar of Boroujerd (Rasteh Bazar), is one of the ancient bazaars in Borujerd, and alike other bazaars is the trade and commerce center. Borujerd Grand Bazaar (Raasteh Bazar) located in the centre of the city and consists of many Rasteh Bazaars and Caravanserais.

Today, caravansaries of Borujerd are important centre of wholesale or regional, national or international trading of Persian rug and other handicrafts.

A Rasteh Bazaar is a lane with covered roof usually with shops and workshops of a particular profession. Some of the important Rasteh Bazaars of Borujerd are:
  • Shoe makers and shoe shops bazaar which is the largest Rasteh
  • Bazaare Mesgarha for coppersmiths
  • Bazaare Chelengarha for blacksmiths
  • Bazaare Ghofl Sazha for locksmiths
  • Bazaare Kaftar Forushha for birds and pigeons
  • Bazaare Yahoodiha or Jews Bazaar

Signs of some of the old professions can be observed in this covered bazaar. From the architectural point of view this bazaar can be interesting.
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Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
Great Bazaar of Borujerd
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This is the largest and alluvial plain of Lurestan, extending from the north of Borujerd right till Dorood. The spring and summer seasons are most appropriate for ...
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