Kharkoo Island - Bushehr
Tourist Attraction

Kharkoo Island

in Bushehr city | Bushehr province
Tourist Attraction

Kharkoo Island

Related to Bushehr city (located in Bushehr province)
This island is situated north east of Khark Island and is considered to be an important island regarding cargos such as crude oil.

Kharku Island is a low, sandy, coral island with fringing reefs in the northern Persian Gulf, c.30 km off the mainland coast and 60 km north-west of Bushire. Surface water is lacking, but there is a freshwater well. Most of the island is covered in dune vegetation of grasses and low shrubs.

It is fringed by a sandy beach with low vegetation. There are a few banyan trees near the south end of the island. The island was uninhabited until the late 1970s, when an airforce camp with a substantial landing stage and a number of permanent buildings was built at the north end. The nearby island of Khark (Kharg) is a major oil terminal.
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Kharku Island
Kharku Island
Kharku Island
Bushehr is located in a vast plain running along the coastal region. The capital city being Bandar-e-Bushehr or the 'Port of Bushehr'. This port is at a distance of 1,218 km. from Tehran, and has a hot, humid climate. Since the past, this port ...
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This mosque is also known as the Masjed Shah and Masjed Kufi, constructed by an Arab called Sheikh and at present religious mourning ceremonies are held here. MORE
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