Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Tourist Attraction

Izadkhast Castle

in Abadeh city | Fars province
Tourist Attraction

Izadkhast Castle

Related to Abadeh city (located in Fars province)
the ruins of Izadkhast ancient castle are at a distance of 141 km from Esfahan. In this castle small houses and narrow alleys dating back to the Sassanian period can still be distinguished. The sqaure building which in the Sassanian era was supposed to be a fire temple and praying quarter was later on, in the 9th century AH. changed into a mosque.

The Complex of Izadkhast is located in the Fars Province of Iran, roughly 135 km south of Isfahan. The complex consists of Izad-Khast Castle, a caravanserai, and a Safavid-period bridge. The castle structure is of particular interest due to the different architectural styles incorporated into the construction of the building, including Sassanid and Qajar periods. The architecture of the castle is unique to Izadkhast, and only comparisons in building materials can be made to other sites in the region.

This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on August 9, 2007 in the Cultural category.
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Izadkhast Old Caravanserai near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
Izadkhast Castle near Abadeh
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