Mashrooteh Museum of Tabriz - IRAN
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Khaneh Mashrooteh is a museum and one of the historic houses in Tabriz once belonged to one of the constitutional revolution activists and the museum inside is full of documents about that event and specially about women's movement in that era. Located in Rasteh Koocheh Street in front of Jamee Mosque of Tabriz
Tourist Attraction

Constitution House of Tabriz

in Tabriz city | East Azarbaijan province
Tourist Attraction

Constitution House of Tabriz

Related to Tabriz city (located in East Azarbaijan province)
This ancient building or 'house' was the gathering place for the constitutional revolutionary leaders. In the year (1868 AD) This building was constructed by the leader of the movement 'Haj Mehdi Koozeh Kanani'.

Khaneh Mashrouteh is a historical edifice located next to the Great Bazaar of Tabriz, on Motahari Ave. During the years which led to Constitutional Revolution and afterwards the house was used as a gathering place of the leaders, activists and sympathizers of the movement. Among them, the most famous people were Sattar khan, Baagher Khan, Seqat-ol Eslam Tabrizi and Haji Mirza Agha Farshi and the founder Haji Mehdi Kuzeh-Kanaani, himself a revolutionary activist and a well-reputed person of the time  who was named Abolmele, i.e. the father of the nation at the time. The two-story building was constructed in 1868 by Haaj Vali Memar-e Tabrizi. The most beautiful part of the house is a skylight and corridor decorated with colorful glass and mirrors.

The first floor is an exhibition of sculptures of famous Iranian constitution revolutionaries and some of their personal belongings, including their weapons, underground published newspaper of the revolution, night letters, the printing machine which was used in the house to publish revolution papers, and numerous photos from the revolution. One of the rooms in the building belongs to the woman's role in the revolution.
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Khaneh Mashrooteh - Tabriz
Mashrutiat Revolution
Sattarkhan and Bagherkhan
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
Constitution House of Tabriz (Constitution Museum)
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