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Old Mosques in YAZD

in Yazd city | Yazd province
Tourist Attraction

Old Mosques in YAZD

Related to Yazd city (located in Yazd province)
Iranian mosques are stunning and are definitely best Yazd attractions. Filled with blue and green mosaic tiles, they catch your eye and make it wander through the infinite patterns. Unusual colors and attention to detail, but also the overall architectural form make them one of the most amazing pieces of architecture in the world. Each one is unique, just like… Persian carpets. Also, mosques in Yazd are simply incredible. The most famous are Masjed-e Jameh and Amir Chakhmaq Complex (in Amir Chakhmagh Square).

Yazd is home to a distinctive style of mosque, with very tall decorative entrance gates topped with a pair of minarets. They are perfect for navigating your way around the labyrinth of the old city. The followings can be mentioned as other old mosques of Yazd province:

Behabad Jame' Mosque, Aharestan, Hadji Kamal Mosques, Jame' Mosque of Ardakan, Firooz Abad Jame' Mosque, Amand Gol in Nadooshan, Abarqoo Jame' Mosque, Imam Hassan Mosque, Large Posht-e-Baq Mosque, Zavieh Mosque, Seyed Roknedin Mosque in Yazd, Kharanaq Jame' Mosque in Bafq, Marvast Jame' Mosque etc.
The city of Yazd is located to the north of Ardestan, to the south of Taft in the east of Bafq and to the west of Esfahan province.
Amir Chakhmaq Shami and his wife, Seti Fatimeh built this square, in the 9th century AH. Hadji Qanbar Bazaar on the east side of the square was one of the buildings constructed ... MORE
Category: Mosques
This magnificent building is graced with a tiled entrance portal (one of the tallest in Iran), flanked by two 48m-high minarets and adorned with inscriptions from the 15th ... MORE
Dolatabad Garden in YAZD is regarded as one of the sites worth visiting due to its landscape and rich architectural pattern which exemplifies the diversity of Persian garden ... MORE
Category: Museums
Zoroastrians History and Culture Museum in Yazd is located close to Markar Square and the Varahram Fire Temple. This museum has exhibits explaning Zoroastrian ceremonies, ... MORE
Category: Reservoirs
The natural and climatic characteristics in addition to the expanse of Yazd's deserts have given rise to the construction of various reservoirs all over the province. ... MORE
Qasr-e-Ayeneh (Mirror Palace) Museum has a foundation of 837 square meters and is located in a garden 8,174 square meters in area. The museum building was formerly belonging ... MORE
Vakil Mosque (Shiraz)
Category: Mosques
It is one of the most valuable monuments dating back to Zandieh period. It's construction was completed in 1773 AD. with a beautiful ceiling and a marble altar that is considered ... MORE
The mausoleum of Imam Reza, the eighth Imam of Twelver Shiites. Imam Reza Shrine is one of the most touristy places of Iran, the world’s largest mosque. MORE
Category: Mosques
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque is one of the architectural masterpieces of Iranian architecture that was built during the Safavid Empire, standing on the eastern side of Naghsh-e ... MORE
Category: Mosques
This mosque was constructed in the year 796 AH and was repaired in the year 1086 AH by Safkosh during the period of Shah Soleiman Safavid. The structure is made of stone ... MORE
Aqa-Bozorg Mosque or Madrese-ye AghaBozorg is an ancient structure with four porches and a beautiful dome and two tile worked minarets. Located in Kashan (Isfahan Province) MORE
Category: Mosques
The Jame' Mosque of Saveh is one of the valuable relics of the Saljuqi period. This was constructed in the 6th century AH., coinciding with the establishment of the city ... MORE
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