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Gonbad Qaboos Tower

This Tower located in Gonbad Kavoos city.
Gonbad Kavoos is a city of Golestan province.
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The same is a majestic structure made of brick, with special technicalities and affects of art, related to the 4th century AH. This structure which is located on a hillock amidst the grand park of Gonbad Kavoos city, is the tomb of Shams-ol-Mali Qaboos Ebne Voshmgir Ziyari (the ruler of the times in Gorgan and a famed scholar as well).
The tower is a fortified building, constructed by strong elements, and consists of beautiful ornamental works in proportionate lines adorned with harmony. The said structure consists of three parts - foundation, the main building and the dome which is conical, rising to an elevation of 55m. The actual structure rests on a round base, 2 m of which is above the ground, and the rest lies as an underground base.
The tower is artistically designed with ten triangular patterns at regular intervals. Two simple epigraphs in the cuneiform embossment script can be observed on the construction dating to 397 AH. The tower has been constructed of red brick, but this color has changed to a golden yellow, under effect of sun rays. The conical dome reaches a height of 18 m. with a plain, polished and a steep gradient surface. Vaulted arches can be noted at the entrance of the tower and this adornment dates to the works of art in the early Islamic period. The Gonbad Kavoos Tower was built in the year 397 AH. and is on historical record in Iran.

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Gonbad Qaboos Tower

The same is a majestic structure made of brick, with special technicalities ...
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