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Kohkilouyeh Va Boyer Ahmad
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Old Dehdasht

This Ancient City / Village located in Dehdasht (Kohkiluyeh) city.
Dehdasht (Kohkiluyeh) is a city of Kohkilouyeh Va Boyer Ahmad province.
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Based on the historical writings, this area was called Belad Shapour in the past and was founded by Shapour I, the son of Ardeshir Sasanid I. Based on documents of Fars Nameh-ye- Naseri, it was one of the ancient cities that has witnessed lots of damages at the end of the Safavid era, as its trading routes were insecure. Whereas during the Zandieh period, this region faced further decline and plunder. Historical remnants such as the water reservoir, Imamzadeh, and citadel, of which its tower and rampart have been observed. Materials such as gypsum, plaster, lime and mortar, and stone slabs, have been used in their construction. The ceiling of the dome of the public bath is only of brick.
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