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Siraf Ancient City

This Ancient City located in Bushehr city.
Bushehr is a city of Booshehr province.
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Siraf is located south east of the port of Bushehr near the small port of Taheri. This ancient city encompasses the three ports of 'Bandar-e-Taheri', 'Bandar-e-Kangan' and 'Bandar-e-Dayer'.
Siraf dates back to the Sassanian period and originally was known as 'Ardeshir Aab' due to the fact that Ardeshir Babakan set up a waterway network here in order to facilitate port activities for which he was responsible. Ancient relics in this region are:
Parts of a defense fort related to the end of the Sassanian era and the Siraf Jame' mosque related to the end of the (2nd century AH.).
A part of the locality where the wealthy people resided including several small mosque of the (3rd and 4th century AH.).
A number of (mass) graves or tombs, a palace-like edifice and few other buildings

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