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Protected Wildlife Zones

This Protected Zone located in Yazd city.
Yazd is a city of Yazd province.
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The geographical and natural settings of Yazd have made it one of the most divergent wildlife areas. The Kalmand and Bahadoran protected zones, extending over an area of 25,000 hectares, Kooh Bafq, and Ariz, being100,000 hectares, located near the desert, are examples of diverse herbaceous and animal varieties.
The unique herbal and ecological characteristics of Kalmand and Bahadoran accommodate the procreation of various beasts and birds, bustard, deer (Iranian gazelle), and Jeibir are some of the protected wild animals and birds. Moreover, the followings are the animal varieties inhabiting this areas: foxes, wolves, rabbit, tiger, hyena, goat, wild goat, and the Iranian gazelle, ram, ewe, and Jeibir inhabit the red hills zone near the Laqarah River. This area not only has desert creepers, such as tortoise, poisonous snakes, lizard, viper and green vipers, but also birds such as partridge, dull-yellow grouse, jay and types of eagle, exist here as well.

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