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Desert Attractions

This Public place located in Yazd city.
Yazd is a city of Yazd province.
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Amongst the natural features pertaining to tourism in Iran, are desert characteristics. Taking a stroll is these vast spaces, watching the wonders of the moving sands, the burning and dry salt marshes, historical monuments, brick colored buildings of simple and harsh styles, shadows of scattered villages, as well as the old ancient inns and caravansaries are charming and worth visiting for every tourist.
Two routes can be considered in the desert region of Yazd. One is the Yazd - Bafq route, running along the ancient Fahraj Mosque on the fringes of the desert, continuing till the limits of Bafq. En route are the tamarisk forests, and the beautiful Ahan Shahr Park, extending over 20 hectares which appears at the end of this route.
The other route is of Yazd - Khanaraq - Bayazeh and continues till Khoor and Biyabanek. Along which are dome-shaped sandy hills, covered by desert bushes. All through the route there are ancient and beautiful inns with arched windows and unique architecture. Out of which worth mentioning is the military castle of Bayazeh which is placed beside the beautiful gardens of Khoor Biabanak village. Another site to visit is the ancient olive tree which is over a thousand years old.
The desert areas of Yazd province can be divided into the following:
Ardakan Desert (Siyah Kooh), that lies between the two mountains of Hoosh at an elevation of 1,939 m. to the south, and Siyah Kooh at a height of 2,050 m. to the north.
Abar Kooh Desert, This is a circular area resting between two mountains which is at close proximity to Taqestan desert.
Daranjir Desert area, extending over 1,500 square kilometers, to the east of Yazd.
Other Desert: Herat and Merosat : Approximately 500 square kilometers and almost humid.
Behesht Abad: Between Anar and Rafsanjan, in a north western to southeastern direction.
Bahadoran : In southeast of Mehreez and from a north western to a south eastern direction.
Saqand, Haji Abad and Zarrin Abad Deserts.

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Amongst the natural features pertaining to tourism in Iran, are desert ...
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