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Barsian, Jarchi, Aziran and other mosques

This Mosque located in Esfahan city.
Esfahan is a city of Esfahan province.
For further information about all Mosque in IRAN, click here.

Other mosques in Esfahan province are as follows:
The mosque and minarets of the Barsian Village, Seen Mosque, Kaj and Dashti Mosque, Qotbiyeh Mosque, Zolfiqar, Dar-e-Joobareh, Aziran, Jarchi, Baq-e-Haji, Aqa Noor Mosque, Mesri, Hakim, Haji Manuchehr Mosque, Soleiman Bek, Sheikh Ali Khan, Ilchi, Ali Qoli Aqa, Maqsud Bek Mosque, Sarkhas, Ali Noosh Abad Mosque, Ali Mosque and its Minarets, Sabz-e-Maidan Jame' Mosque, Kaj Jame' Mosque, Shaaya Mosque and its Minarets, Seyed, Varzaneh, Roknal Molk, Haft Shooyeh, Haji Mohammad Jaffar Abadehyi in the township of Esfahan. The Gar Mosque in the Gar Village of Esfahan. Vazir, Tabrizyha, Dar-e-Balan, Abiyaneh Jame' Mosque, Aqa Bozorg Mosque, Hajjat Gah-e-Abiyaneh, Miandeh Qahrood-e-Qamsar Mosque, Vazir, Kashan Jame' Mosque, Maidan-e-Kohneh Jame' Mosque, Baba Vali, Ayatollah Razavi Mosque in the township of Kashan. The Paminar Zavareh Mosque in the township of Zavareh. Dasht-e-Ramiyan, Imam Hassan Mosque and its minarets, Sefid Mosque in Ardestan, Kooche Mir Mosque in Natanz, Saravar Mosque in the township of Golpayegan, Khansar Jame' Mosque in the township of Khansar, Naein Jame' Mosque, Baba Abdollah Mosque in Naein, Meymeh Jame' Mosque in the townships of Barkhor and Meymeh, each of which are spectacular regarding architecture and adornments.

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Also visit these attractions in Esfahan:
Beit-ol Lahm Church

The same is located in the Jolfa Square, and was built by an Armenian ...
Barsian, Jarchi, Aziran and other mosques

Other mosques in Esfahan province are as follows: The mosque and minarets ...
Sheikh Lotf Ol-lah Mosque

This mosque was constructed by a decree issued by Shah Abbas I and took ...
Hasht Behesht Palace

This historical edifice was constructed during the reign of Shah Soleiman ...

Dovecotes or such turrets are in plenty in the agricultural vicinities ...
Chehel Sotune Palace
Chahar Baq (Soltani) School
Ashraf Pavillion
Ali Qapoo Edifice
Ali Mosque Minaret
Handicrafts and Souvenirs
Chehel Sotune Museum
Zayandeh Rood River
Qameshloo Protected Zone
Kolah Qazy Protected Zone

There are 72 other tourism sights in Esfahan.
view list of them here ...
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5 Other Mosque:
Fahraj Jame' Mosque
City: Yazd
Barsian, Jarchi, Aziran and other mosques
City: Esfahan
Ghanbarali khaan and other Mosque
City: Tehran
Vakil Mosque
City: Shiraz
Nasirol Molk Mosque
City: Shiraz
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